Awaken your Divine Feminine shakti, love, health, vitality, fertility, flow, and miracles!

By Embodying the Goddesses through February!

In this beautiful Goddess Circles bundle, you will embark on a powerful journey with specific Goddesses in this divinely curated flow.

Watch the video recording circles at your own pace during these suggested dates: 

February 1 to 5: Goddess Yemanya: Awaken the Divine Mother for Miracles and Blessings

Initiate your journey during the Mother Goddess’ Beltane and Yemanya’s holy festival portal to her nourishing and miraculous blessings. 

Begin February with the Goddess Yemanya Circle to let the Divine Mother grant your wishes and bring you her infinite ocean of maternal love and gifts.

  • She is ready to bestow upon you your heart’s deepest desires for love, abundance, and manifestation.

  • She is here to unleash the creative shakti of your womb.

  • She is here to pour her healing love into your heart.

  • She is here to fill you with infinite blessings that flow out into every part of your life.

February 6 to 10: Goddess of Compassion: Heal and Open Your Heart with Kuan Yin

Open to miraculous healings and manifestations that flow gracefully and ceaselessly when your heart flourishes open as you invite the benevolent Kuan Yin to illuminate your heart and soul.

Allow your Holy Mother to not only transform what no longer serves you but empower you to extract the wisdom from your wounds and rise above as a pure, transcendent lotus. 

Whether you are ready to heal past griefs or deepen into unconditional self-love and compassion, Kuan Yin is here to bless you and fill you with her grace.

She is ready to offer you healing, miracles and answers to your prayers.

February 11 to14: Awakening Aphrodite: Becoming a Goddess of Love

Prepare to enter the Valentine’s Love portal by embodying your inner Aphrodite, the Goddess of love herself!

Unleash the infinite source of blissful love that YOU ARE as Aphrodite helps you fall in love with yourself, attract and deepen romantic love, and embrace and radiate Divine love!

This beautiful Goddess Aphrodie circle will empower you to heal your wounding around love and open to love in all forms.

Get ready to become a radiant Goddess of love, relishing in the fullness of being alive and opening to the miracles that embodying love brings through you.

Feb 15 to 21: Goddess Ixchel: Embrace Radiant Health and Feminine Vitality!

Get ready to enter the Pisces portal to heal energetic blocks to your health and vitality and activate the full flow of shakti (feminine life force energy) through your body temple!

This magical Goddess Ixchel circle will help you:

  • Feel replenished and restored in mind, body, heart, and soul!

  • Radiate with an inner glow and blissful overflow!

  • Feel fertile and lush in your womb and life!

Where you are tired, she will restore you.

Where you are depleted, she will fill you.

Where you are imbalanced, she will harmonize you.

Where you are blocked, she will clear you.

No matter what stage of your wombynhood you are in, Ixchel will help you activate the fullest gifts of your body’s wisdom and feminine radiance.

February 22 to  28: Goddess Anahita Circle: Open to the Infinite Flow of Blessings

Culminate February's nourishing energy by unleashing an infinite stream of heavenly blessings…

Flowing from the celestial realms, to bless every part of your life on earth.

Invite the ancient, multi-faceted Persian Goddess, Anahita, ito restore you to your innate feminine power to receive all you deserve. 

From your Divine Feminine ease, grace, and bliss.

Get ready to release resistance and become a radiant channel of divine blessings! 

February Goddess Circles Bundle Details:

What You Get: In each Circle, I lead you through: 

🌹 Sacred Ceremony: Create a sacred space for you to honor this temple time for yourself, and open fully to receiving the Goddess's love, support, and healing.

🌹 Divine Feminine Teachings: Share Divine Feminine teachings of that particular Goddess to awaken her wisdom, power and gifts within you.

🌹 Goddess Meditation: Lead you through a channeled, guided Goddess meditation for you to experience her directly, and unleash her special gifts and blessings in your life. 

🌹 Oracle Reading: Bonus: Do a 3-card oracle reading to help you get deeper insights on the wave of your past, the blessing in your present and potential of your future.

Special Bundle Price:

Each circle is $49 at regular price.

This bundle is valued at $245.

Save 20% when you buy the bundle for only $196! 

Lifetime Access: Upon enrolling, you receive instant lifetime access to all circles! 

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To Create Your Magical Month with the Goddesses!

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