Thank you for your interest in joining the Monthly Goddess Circles, beloved. This offering is now complete. Future Circles will be held on their own and announced via email. Join our email list for specials on future circles here.

Reclaim Your Feminine Power & Flourish into the Goddess You Are

With monthly Goddess teachings, meditations and guidance from #1 bestselling author, Sacred Feminine coach and healer Syma Kharal, while sharing your journey through Sacred Sisterhood.

Beloved Sister,

These are challenging times for us women. The shifts on our planet, in our world and in our lives are calling us now more than ever to reclaim our feminine power, gather in sacred sisterhood, and heal and transform individually and collectively.

Perhaps you have felt this calling as you:

  • Struggle with attracting the love, abundance and opportunities you desire and deserve.
  • Keep experiencing the same painful patterns no matter what you try.
  • Take care of everyone else at the expense of neglecting your own needs and dreams.
  • Push and strive to the point of exhaustion and overwhelm – neglecting your body's cyclical needs.
  • Don't assert yourself when you know you need to, enabling others to use or mistreat you.
  • Are unsure how to be in your feminine energy in such a masculine world.
  • Live from your head – or worse, your fears – instead of your heart, intuition and faith.
  • Experience lack of self-love through low self-esteem, self-worth and even poor body image.
  • Play small by lacking the clarity, courage and magical tools to co-create the vision you have for your best life.
  • Crave a deeper connection with your Spirit and inner Goddess, but need some guidance and sisterly support along your path.

I feel you, Beloved. Before my spiritual healing journey, I spent many years feeling lost, alone and scared as I struggled with disempowering patterns in every part of my life, which stemmed from extensive childhood abuse and traumas.

While the spiritual work was deeply transformational, it was learning and practicing Goddess teachings and wisdom (that I will share with you every month!) that helped me go beyond healing, to completely flourishing.

Why It's For You (and every woman)

No matter what your familiarity with the Goddesses, know that they are all living, breathing parts of yourself, waiting to awaken and unleash their magic into every part of YOUR life.

We women were not taught about Goddesses, because if we were, we would know just how incredibly powerful we truly are, and settle for nothing less than being Goddess-Queens in the world and in our lives.

Well, Beloved, the time has come. The Goddess is rising within us all, and ready to bless you with all her gifts and graces.

Membership Details: What You Get

As a beloved member of our virtual Monthly Goddess Circles, you will join me and soulful women from all over the world in our private online temple.

Your monthly membership will include:

  • One Monthly Goddess Circle held via livestream video in our private online temple.
  • Each month, we will focus on a new theme and awaken a specific Goddess archetype to help us heal and elevate that part of our lives.
  • After the live Circle, you will be invited to share your experience in our private Facebook group – a beautiful space to share from your heart and be lovingly supported by fellow sisters.

Every Circle will include:

    • Opening intention and ceremony to uplift our time together.

    • Goddess teachings based on our theme to inspire and empower you.

    • Simple but powerful Sacred Feminine practices for your personal use.

    • Reflection and journaling questions to support your personal needs and goals.

    • Live Guided Meditation to help you connect with the month's Goddess and unleash her magic into your life.

    • Closing Prayer to bless and release our Circle.

(Plus a Bonus mentioned below!)

How This Will Support You:

Joining our Monthly Circles and Sisterhood will empower you to:

  • Manifest the love, abundance and opportunities you dream of with ease and joy—the Goddess way.
  • Release and transform patterns that no longer serve you and help you move forward freely.
  • Prioritize your own needs and dreams as you inspire others to do the same.
  • Live in harmony with your body's cycles to reclaim your energy and vitality.
  • Reclaim your Divine Feminine power so you can set boundaries and create healthy and happy relationships.
  • Confidently embody and express your feminine energy in any environment and make everyone wonder what your secret is!
  • Learn how to trust and follow your feminine intuition and delve deeper into Goddess teachings and tools.
  • Stop hiding and start living your boldest, most bad-ass and bountiful life.
  • Love, value and honor your self, and discover the divine beauty and delights of your body temple.
  • Reclaim your endless Goddess gifts while being fully supported through sacred sisterhood.

Potential Monthly Themes:

Here are the types of monthly Goddess Themes we will explore:

  • Embracing Your Inner Wise Woman
  • Blazing Forward Fearlessly with Clarity, Courage and Confidence
  • Awakening Love in All Its Forms (Self, Romantic, Divine)
  • Sacred Feminine Secrets to Co-Creating Your Dreams
  • Grace through Change and Transformation
  • Awakening Pleasure, Beauty and Sacred Self-Care
  • Becoming the Queen of your Queendom
  • Reclaim Your Radiance & Shine Your Light
  • Stepping Into Your Power
  • The Art of Giving and Receiving
  • Invoking Your Inner Sorceress
  • Light and Dark: Embracing Every Part of Yourself
  • Sacred Sexuality and Your Body Temple
  • Awakening Shakti: Your Divine Feminine Power

Your Investment:

Working with me one-on-one to receive all the offerings I'm sharing in the Circles (Goddess teaching, meditations, rituals, practices, coaching questions) costs my program clients $499 and up—per session, per month.

While I will be giving you 100% of my best from private-client sessions, I am delighted to offer you this sacred invitation for only 10% of the cost of my program-session: $49 instead of $499 per month!

Launch Special!

To celebrate the launch of our Goddess Circles, for a limited time I'm delighted to offer you an additional $10 discount when you enroll today! That's just $39/month!

Monthly membership

per month

Goddessy Bonuses!

To make this offering even more Goddessy for you, I am delighted to offer you these additional heart-gifts:

Bonus # 1: A 3-Card Goddess Oracle Reading at Each circle (Value of $44)

At the end of each circle, I will also do a live, 3-card Goddess oracle reading to get additional messages for you and our collective. The cost of the monthly circle membership is less than the cost of this bonus alone!

Bonus # 2: MP3 Download of Guided Meditation (Value of $20)

After each Circle, you will be able to download an mp3 of the guided Goddess meditation from each circle, to keep and use anytime!

Bonus # 3: Lifetime Access to Your Completed Circles (Value of $49 each)

Memberships generally grant access only to active, paying members. But, as a Beloved Circle Sister, we will gift you FREE, lifetime access to each Circle you pay for during your membership*, so you won't have to buy it individually and at a higher price after, as non-members will. (*Provided you pay for the circles you access, in accordance with our terms).

Bonus # 4: 24/7 Sisterly Support through Our Private Facebook Community (Priceless!)

You will have access to a whole community of sensitive soul-sisters, 24/7, to give and receive mutual support. And I will be active there as well, lovingly witnessing each of you and holding sacred space for us all.

Join Risk Free, Cancel Anytime

I deeply value your satisfaction as a member, Beloved. If at any point you wish to end your membership, you may do so. You can cancel at anytime, and you will still have lifetime access to the Circles you paid for! You can also rejoin (at the membership price of that time) at anytime. See full terms here.

And, Because I love you...

I know one of our greatest challenges as modern, busy women is having the time, space and tools to connect with our Goddess selves.

That is why I am offering you a final, incredible BONUS heart-gift for joining now:

When you join now, you will get my brand new e-course, “Awaken the Goddess: Reconnecting with Your Sacred Feminine Wisdom” as my GIFT!

This sweet and simple course will serve as a sacred foundation to support you on our journey and in your life. It's valued at $1500, and will be yours for free when you join today!

The time to join is now, Beloved.

All of these Bonus gifts are yours in addition to the Goddess teachings, meditations, rituals and practices I will share with you every month.

It's time to reclaim your Sacred Feminine power. Let's do this, together, Goddess.


  • What happens once I join?

    When you enroll, you will create and use your login info to access the monthly content and join the live Circles.All details (preparation tips, joining the Facebook group, managing your account, lifetime access etc.) will be provided in the online Temple once you join.

  • How will I be charged?

    Your membership will renew automatically every 30 days, when you will be charged with the payment method you use, granting you continuous access each month.If you cancel before your next billing date but receive access to that month's content/circle, you will be charged retroactively for that month.See full details here.

  • When will you host the Live Circles?

    Circles dates will be announced via email and within the Online Temple at the beginning of each month.

  • When will you announce the Goddess theme?

    Each month's Goddess theme will also be announced via email at the beginning of the month.

  • What if I can't join a Circle live?

    You will be able to access the Circle video anytime after it is complete. And you can share your reflection questions and insights in our Facebook group anytime after the event.

  • Can I cancel my membership?

    Yes, you can cancel anytime through your account settings.If you cancel before your next billing date but receive access to that month's content/circle, you will be charged retroactively for that month.See full details here.

  • Can I join again after I cancel?

    Yes, you can rejoin anytime. You will pay the fee that applies at the time of joining, not when you originally joined.

  • What if I'm not on Facebook?

    While we are pleased to provide the private Facebook community to create sisterhood, it is an optional bonus, and you are not required to join if you do not wish to join Facebook.

  • More questions?

    Please feel free to contact us at [email protected], and a lovely member of Team Syma will be happy to assist you.