Divine Woman, 

A cosmic portal is opening for you to manifest all the love, abundance, success, freedom, pleasure and bliss you could possibly dream of.

A gateway through the heavens is ready to shower you with radiant blessings beyond what you can imagine.

A divine invitation rooted in the ancient Goddess Mystery traditions is calling you higher, to receive everything you desire. 

You must be ready to receive, Beloved.

You must clear the way for these blessings to flow to and through you, unrestricted. 

You must prepare yourself in mind, body, heart, soul and life to open to the fullest expression of these gifts that are your divine inheritance, without your resistance blocking the way. 

You must open yourself fully to claiming and creating what the Goddess in you is capable and worthy of, and refuse to settle for anything less.

If you feel and know in your soul it is your time, you are invited.

The Lion’s/Lioness Gate Portal is a highly auspicious and potent gateway of manifestation that culminates on August 8.

There are very specific Goddesses connected to this portal that stand ready to activate their fullest power and gifts through you. 

Join me and divine sisters from all over the world for:

Goddess Manifestation Activation: 

Unleash 4 Divine Feminine Codes to Create Your Boldest Desires 

8.8 Lioness Gate Portal

Live at 1 pm EST 

with Lifetime Replay Access 

Where I will lead you through Divine Feminine Rituals with the Goddesses themselves so you may: 

  • Transmute the fears and blocks that are keeping you stuck and repelling your good.

  • Purify your desires to get clear manifestations of what your Soul truly wants.

  • Align your standards to your Sovereign Self so you receive only the best, as Queen.

  • Open to an ever higher, brighter path that lifts you out of human limitation into miracle manifestations! 

This is going to be an epic activation that will vibrate the cosmos with your desires, and return them to your manifest. 

Get ready to clear the way and open to your divine desires, Goddess!

Course curriculum

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    Welcome, Goddess

    • Preparation Tips PDF

    • Optional Goddess Altar Preparation

    • Watch the Lion's Gate Goddess Manifestation Activation here

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About Syma

Syma Kharal

Syma Kharal is a leading international Goddess coach, healer, and #1 Amazon bestselling author of "Goddess Reclaimed" and "Manifest Soulmate Love." She is dedicated to empowering soulful women heal their deepest wounds, manifest their boldest dreams and flourish in every way. Syma immersed herself in the healing arts at the age of 14 to overcome the deeply damaging effects of extensive abuse and trauma. In addition to healing herself, her intensive spiritual work led her to co-create a life she never dreamt possible: leaving a toxic corporate career to follow her calling, manifesting and marrying her soulmate, transforming women's lives through her heart's work, and traveling the world with her beloved husband. She loves nothing more than supporting fellow sisters to do the same—to transcend disempowering patterns, reclaim their full feminine power, and step fully into the Goddesses they truly are, manifesting all they desire from their Divine Feminine.