Create Infinite Impact, Abundance, and Expansion in your business, from your Feminine

An 8-Session Online Training Program

With Syma Kharal

This is the revolutionary Divine Feminine business training for Coaches, Mentors, Healers, Practitioners, Facilitators, and Leaders who are ready to create a flourishing feminine business…

Living your highest dharma, making overflowing abundanceserving the most souls, and enjoying the greatest freedom.

This is for the Divine Woman ready to receive, not achieve, more of everything you could possibly desire in your business.

This is for the Queen ready to birth a whole new paradigm of feminine success, financial sovereignty, and infinite blessings.

This is for the Leader ready to design your business, on your terms, with the complete personal authority and autonomy to serve and prosper...

How you want

Where you want

When you want

With whom you want…

In oneness with the divine values and deepest desires of the Goddess within you.

Without the masculine struggle, hustle, burnout and grind. Because you know there is another, much more pleasurable and powerful way for you.

I know this way, because I live and teach it. And I want you to live it too.

My Divine Feminine Business Journey...

Since exiting a toxic masculine corporate career and birthing my Goddess coaching and healing business in 2012, I have led it the way that I live my life: from my Divine Feminine. 

Through the most luscious feminine shakti, ease, magic, magnetism, and flow…

I have created a flourishing global feminine empire, transforming 1000s of women’s lives, serving and prospering with my life-changing dharmic offerings…

Including private and group coaching, online courses, programs, in-person Goddess retreats, and two #1 Amazon bestselling books (Goddess Reclaimed and Manifest Soulmate Love).

I have created this level of feminine success without all the masculine business “musts”:

No paid ads. No sales calls. No complex funnels. No cold outreach. No hustling. No chasing. 

Instead, I have turned my business into a magical vortex of ever-expanding blessings for me, my clients, and my family, that flourishes from my feminine soul, softness, and sovereignty.

In 2022, 10 years into my Sacred Feminine business, I had my softest year, taking months off for blessed maternity leave with my miracle baby, working 4 - 6 hours a week with the most incredible soul sister clients...and I made the greatest impact and abundance!

I started 2023 moving to the Mayan Riviera paradise for the winter with my beloved hubby and baby. This dream life is only possible because of the time, location, personal and financial freedom I have created through my feminine business. 

I have designed it so that my business is the catalyst for the freedom to live my life in oneness with what I most love and value…

Family, love, sisterhood, dharma, prosperity, generosity, luxury, liberation, self-care, nourishment, vitality, sensuality, support, creation, travel, leisure, adventure, wealth, expansion, expression, beauty, reverence, softness, presence, rest, ritual, and bliss!

In devoting myself and my business to the Goddess, I have become one with Her, and through Her grace, live in Her blessed overflow of spiritual and earthly riches.

And I want this for you too, because it’s the business and life you deserve, Goddess!

It's Your Turn Now, Queen

This is why I have created this program for YOU.

I want you too to uplevel your business in ways that empower you to live your most liberated, flourishing feminine life, free to be, do, and have whatever you desire. 

If you are ready to rise into this level of epic expansion, in the most blissful way…

Where you get to be a divinely powerful, pleasured, and prosperous Feminine Boss, Creatress, Priestess, Coach, Healer, Mentor, Leader…

And also the devoted Mother, Lover, Goddess, Empress...and any other expression you desire…

This is the Divine Feminine Business program and the pathway to lead you there… 

You are ready for this level of Feminine Business expansion if…

  • You are an established coach, healer, practitioner, or feminine entrepreneur ready for Quantum Leap uplevels to expand your empire and abundance from your feminine bliss, flow, magic.

  • If you are new in your business, you want to invest in creating a Divine Feminine foundation right from the start to speed up your success from your inner Goddess.

  • You want a business that frees you to do, be, and have everything else you desire in your life: more love, romance, family time, travel, luxury, self-care…everything!

  • You are ready to stop hiding and playing small and start to shine your brightest light to make the epic difference you came here to make.

  • You understand the value of investing in your business to get to your next level with greatest ease, support, and speed. 

  • You desire to learn from an embodied feminine Business Mentor because you know the transmission becomes the fastest catalyst to your own manifestations. 

  • You love to show up and commit fully to create your desired results from your own integration and feminine power. 

It’s also important to know that this training is not for you if:

  • You are looking for one-size-fits all templates or blueprints
  • You don’t resonate with Divine Feminine spirituality and practices 
  • You have a product-centered business (instead of service-centered)
  • You want get rich quick schemes instead of dharma and evolution 
  • You are not ready to invest in your business 
  • You want someone else to do the work for you
  • You want to be hand-held instead of empowered

If you are ready to invest in your epic expansion as Divine Feminine Business Queen…

Program Details

Here's What You Get, Goddess

  • 8 Video Trainings

    Instant access to 8 video recordings. 2 - 3 hours each, with practical and energetic Divine Feminine Business Training.

  • Embodiment Rituals

    Business Queen Goddess Embodiment Rituals & Practices for energetic aligning, integrating and upgrading.

  • Q&A Coaching Call

    Go deeper with a bonus Divine Feminine business coaching Q&A call recording shared at the end of the program.

Module 1:

Divine Feminine Business Queen Initiation

Feminine Business Foundations. Birthing the next level vision. Optimizing your business from your feminine. Aligning it with your desires and values. Designing your feminine business lifestyle. A complete evolution, upgrade and expansion.

Module 2:

Expanding through your Offerings

The Divine Feminine creation process. Embodying your medicine. Owning your gifts. Living your highest dharma. Creating irresistible offers. Creating transformational offers. Pricing your offers. Expanding your offers.

Module 3:

Unapologetic Visibility

Shining your light. Releasing visibility fears. Owning your voice. Unapologetic expression. Organic audience growth. Content clarity. Greater impact. Authentic, magnetic branding. Being seen and paid to be ALL of you.

Module 4:

Magnetizing Soulmate Clients

Attracting only aligned clients. Clients who are all in. Clients who love to pay you. Clients who value you. Clients who get phenomenal results. Clients who invest with you again and again. Empowered, dream clients you love working with. Attracting, never chasing. Building your capacity to hold more clients.

Module 5:

Art of Sacred Sales

Selling from your soul. Feminine selling. Sovereignty in selling. Releasing selling fear and shame. Holding your standards in selling. Magnetic sales. Less effort and more success. Being a magnet for more, “I’m In” clients. Creating the best buyer experience. More sacred sales.

Module 6:

Infinite Abundance

Financial sovereignty. Wealth consciousness. Energetics of abundance. Opening to receive more. Clear scarcity programming. Heal money blocks. Scaling your offers. High-Level Offers. High-Level Clients. Creating multiple income channels. Less time and effort. More easeful income. More financial freedom.

Module 7:

Leading as Queen

Feminine leadership mastery. Raising your standards. Holding your boundaries. Claiming your authority. Owning your expertise. Deciding and moving boldly. Feeling fully worthy. Leading your Queendom. Rising in your power. Embodying your sovereignty.

Module 8:

Continuous Expansion

Business evolution. Elevating. Upleveling in the Quantum. On earth. Co-creating with the Divine. Being the channel. Embracing transformation. Staying in devotion. Opening to more. Golden opportunities. Limitless possibilities.

Q&A Coaching Call

Integrate and celebrate with this Divine Feminine business coaching call recording at the end of the program.

Lifetime Access

Get lifetime access to the recordings!


Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, send us an email at [email protected] to arrange a PayPal payment.

What is your refund policy?

Per our Terms of Service, there no refunds. Agreement to our no-refund policy and full Terms is required before creating an account and making a purchase. 

What if I have more questions?

Email us at [email protected]

About Syma

About Syma

Syma Kharal

Syma Kharal is a leading international Goddess Mentor, High Priestess, Healer, and #1 Amazon bestselling author of "Goddess Reclaimed" and "Manifest Soulmate Love." She empowers women to be and have everything they desire, from their feminine, as Goddess Queens. Her Divine Feminine offerings are catalysts for soulful women to transform their blocks, manifest their boldest dreams and flourish in every way. Syma immersed herself in the healing arts at the age of 14 to transform wounds and blocks from her childhood. Her devotion to the Goddess led her to co-create a life she never dreamt possible: create a global feminine business empire, manifest and marry her soulmate, become pregnant with her miracle baby after infertility, transform women's lives through her heart's work, and travel the world with her beloved family, creating a flourishing life as Mother, Lover, Priestess, and Mentor. She loves liberating powerful women to do the same: Reclaim their full feminine power, rise into the Goddesses they truly are, and create lives of overflow, from their Divine Feminine.