What if launching became the most fun, empowering, and expansive part of your business?

What if every launch brought you deeper into your Goddess Self and upleveled your success in the most magical ways?

What if launching was the most pleasurable way to receive (not reach) your next levels of divine purpose and prosperity?

This is the most natural and powerful way for us Priestess Queens.

For me, it is the only way.

After 10+ years of filling my sacred offers from my feminine, this is a way that I have mastered into embodiment. And this is the level I know you are ready for, too. 

Because us heart-centered women are not meant to drain our divine power and shakti when birthing our beautiful offers into the world! 

Too often, I see launching become one of the most stressful, pressure-filled parts of business for feminine coaches, healers, and online boss Queens.

I see them deeply overwhelmed and frustrated as they do “all the right things” with both strategy and manifesting, and still not end up with the sacred sales they desire and deserve.  

I see them ride the exhausting rollercoaster of excitement turning into attachment and eventual disappointment when they keep hearing, “I’ll think about it,” “I can’t afford it,” or nothing at all.

And when, in spite of their best intentions and efforts, the launch doesn't go the way they hoped, I see them start to doubt everything.

Their offers.

Their strategy. 

Their skills,

At worst, their worthiness. 

This is not how it’s meant to be.

And there is another way…the Goddess way.

I have invested in learning from the industry’s top business and coaching mentors since 2012, but I always come back to leading from my feminine, with the Goddess.

In doing so, I have forged my own path of launching, in which…

Soul Sister clients

Sacred sales

Non-stop payments

Keep flowing in…

With grace, speed and ease…

As I relish in rituals, naps, baths, nature walks, massages, orgasms, cuddles, family time…

And whatever else I please.

Through a lifetime of devotion, I have come to embody the Divine Feminine in a way that creates the catalyst for succeeding through receiving…

This is the level I am inviting you into. 

This is the level the Goddess in you is calling you into.

If you desire to experience the next level of abundance and bliss in your launches, from your feminine…

Join me for:

Launch like a Goddess

The Divine Feminine Art of having the most Powerful, Pleasurable, and Prosperous launches!

An online Masterclass with Lifetime Replay Access

$333 at full price 

This is for you if you desire a deep level of understanding, embodiment, and expression of the Divine Feminine codes to launch in a way where you:

🌹  Have the time of your life launching your sacred offers, becoming one with Goddess!

🌹 Create a vortex of energy that makes your offers irresistible to the most divine dream clients!

🌹 Keep hearing: “I’m in! “Yes please!” “Send me the link!” “Where can I pay?” “I just registered!” and  “I’m so excited!” from divinely aligned clients!

🌹 Stop chasing and start attracting sacred sales and payments from your feminine flow, ease and rest.

🌹 Fill your sacred offers with empowered soulmate clients who show up and get results.

🌹 Release all pressure and stay clear, centered, soft and magnetic the entire launch. 

🌹 Let the Goddess radiate through your being, your offer, and your launch, to bless your and your clients’ success!

This is not hyper-masculine, one-size-fits all how-to, must-do, blueprints and formulas. 

This is not strategy and tactics that make you feel out of alignment with your soul and sovereignty. 

This is the Goddess way of launching that makes selling your sacred offers the most empowering and expansive experience for you and your soulmate clients.

This is the way that opens you to the most dharmic, luscious and lucrative launches.

as Lakshmi embodied. 

The way Goddess in you deserves.

*Enrollment Notes*  

After you create your account and enroll, the course will be available under, “My Dashboard.” 

You will not get an email to confirm your registration as you will have immediate access in your account as soon as you register. 

All instructions for joining live or via replay are provided inside the online course portal, after you register.

Email us at team@flourishinggoddess.com if you have any questions.

About Syma

Syma Kharal

Syma Kharal is a leading international Goddess coach, healer, and #1 Amazon bestselling author of "Goddess Reclaimed" and "Manifest Soulmate Love." She empowers women to be and have everything they desire, from their feminine, as Goddess Queens. Her Divine Feminine offerings are catalysts for soulful women to transform their blocks, manifest their boldest dreams and flourish in every way. Syma immersed herself in the healing arts at the age of 14 to transform wounds and blocks from her childhood. Her devotion to the Goddess led her to co-create a life she never dreamt possible: leaving a toxic corporate career to create a global feminine business empire, manifesting and marrying her soulmate, becoming pregnant with her miracle baby after infertility, transforming women's lives through her heart's work, and traveling the world with her beloved family, and creating a flourishing life as Mother, Lover, Priestess, and Mentor. She loves nothing more than liberating powerful women to do the same: Reclaim their full feminine power, rise into the Goddesses they truly are, and create lives of overflow, from their Divine Feminine.