Become the woman who magnetizes her dream man.

Become the Queen whose King rushes to her.

Become the Love Goddess who receives her true beloved.

Beautiful Sister,

You are destined for sacred, blissful, eternal love.

No matter what you have been through on your journey in and towards love,

Deep in your heart of hearts, you know that you are meant for a great love.

Your soul knows that you and your beloved already belong together.

I know that this Divine Union with your Beloved it is not only possible, but when you clear your blocks and embody the Love Goddess within you, it becomes inevitable. 

As a rare, awakened divine woman, you are meant for a rare, evolved divine love. The kind of love that commands your own ascent into your soul before you can unite with your beloved’s soul. 

I know this because this was my path to manifesting my Divine beloved, soulmate and husband with whom I am blessed to share a love beyond anything I could have dreamt of--and I dreamt of the greatest love.

Since our sacred union in this lifetime from 2008, our love, devotion, passion and connection only deepens with each passing year, and we reach ever expanding levels of ecstatic together. 

And I have been blessed to help thousands of soulful women like yourself do the same since 2012.

Now, it is my deepest joy to offer you the Goddess path to love that has united countless soulmates all over the world in a recorded online coaching program!

This 8-Session, Self-Directed online program will help you:  

  • Release the inner love blocks that keep you in strife and instead attract your beloved with graceful ease and speed as you let him come to you! Let him meet you as an empowered King to the Queen that you are, as a Divine Man to the Goddess you are.

  • Become magnetic to only your true Divine Soulmate with whom you’ll share lasting blissful love, and bypass soul-lesson mates--the unavailable, uncommitted men who waste your time, drain your shakti and break your heart. 

  • Heal and clear past wounds around your self-love and self-worth to allow yourself to be adored, cherished and honored by your worthy and committed Divine Man the way that you deserve.

  • Cut chords with karmic patterns and partners that keep you entangled in toxic roles as rescuer, healer, or victim, in codependent and disempowering relationships so you can be free to unite with your true soulmate, flourishing and ascending together.

  • Activate and embody your Divine Feminine essence to become a sacred match to a man who has cultivated his own Divine Masculine truth (integrity, honesty, responsibility, generosity, loyalty, nobility, warmth…), a man who can love you the way you deserve, as Goddess.  

  • Open to experience the deepest levels of physical, emotional, romantic and spiritual connection as you both evolve individually and together in sacred commitment and union. 

Love Goddess Curriculum

Here is what your 8-Session Journey to Love looks like

Each session will be guided by a powerful Goddess who will awaken your Divine Feminine magnetism to love as she opens you to: 

Session 1: Desire Goddess 

Sacred Initiation into the Path of Soulmate Love 

In this powerful initiation you will unleash the Sacred Feminine shakti (power) of Goddess Parvati, to clear, open and prepare your mind, body, heart, energy, and spirit to deepest healing, transformation and miracles to invite your Divine Masculine Man. An awakened man who is ready to commit to you, his adored Goddess, in every way.

Session 2: Alignment Goddess 

Align with Your Highest Divine Masculine Match  

Align with your Spirit’s highest capacity for divine love with Goddess Tara so that you invite only your highest, truest Divine Partner, while pre-releasing potential karmic partners your soul is done with.

Session 3: Transformation Goddess 

Uncover Your Greatest Inner Blocks to Divine Love 

Journey into your past with Goddess Psyche to uproot the source of your painful love patterns, delving into your shadow, inner child, and past lives to gain the insights you need in order to free yourself and finally move forward in love.

Session 4: Healed Goddess 

Heal, Clear & Transmute Your Greatest Love Blocks 

Join Goddess Isis to transmute your love blocks by rewriting your unconscious patterns and completing your karmic relationships, so you clear the way to embrace divine love and union.  

Session 5: Self-Love Goddess 

Embody Divine Love to Manifest Soulmate Love

In this lusciously feminine session, you will awaken your inner Aphrodite, the ultimate Goddess of love, beauty, sensuality and joy, to  become a vessel of divine love and prepare to call in your beloved. 

Session 6: Receptive Goddess 

Allow Yourself to Embrace the Divine Masculine

Activate your Divine Feminine love codes to magnetize your evolved and conscious man, a Divine Masculine partner who will honor the Goddess within you and is ready to commit to you in every way.

Session 7: Sacred Union Goddess 

Unite with Your Beloved in Spirit to Welcome him on Earth 

Receive an initiation with Mary Magdalene to allow God-Goddess to clear the way and fully support you and your beloved in coming together swiftly and miraculously, so that you may join in sacred union on earth as you are in heaven. 

Session 8: Divine Love Goddess 

Become the Divine Feminine Match to your Divine Masculine King  

Become Goddess Lakshmi embodied to fully honor, enjoy and appreciate yourself, your life and your arriving soulmate, and open to the abundant flow of miracles in love and every part of your life!

What You Get

This 8-Session, Self-Directed Online Coaching Program includes:

  • 8 Recorded Video Sessions (Value $8000)

    Embark on a progressive, transformational journey of manifesting love with me and the Goddesses. Each session includes deep Goddess coaching and powerful self-practice rituals. Format: Session were originally recorded as powerful, interactive livestreams. You will see only me on video so it feels like we're face to face!

  • 8 Love Goddess Meditations (Value $4000)

    Receive channeled meditations with the Goddesses in each module to help you heal your blocks and manifest your beloved. Bonus: Get audio downloads of each meditation!

  • Recorded Q&A Coaching Call (Value $2000)

    Get extra coaching through the top FAQs around manifesting love with this video recording session.

You also get...

Access to our Private Facebook Group for Flourishing Goddess course/program sisters if you wish to share your journey.               

Bonus: Lifetime Access* to the program PLUS any additions added in the future!!!

* Program must be paid in full to receive lifetime access. Value $2000

Plus Surprise Bonuses I will share in the program valued at over $2000!

Ready to become a Love Goddess? 

Total Program Value: $18,000

Regular Program Price: $4444

Special 50% Off Pricing for my Goddesses: Only $2222!


Reyna manifested her soulmate in 3 months, married him in 1 year!

Reyna, Toronto, Canada

All I can say is Syma’s Manifest Soulmate Love program was life-changing. It opened my eyes and made me foremost fall in love with myself. I realized how I was holding myself back and I finally embraced realization that I was a Queen Goddess and deserved to be treated like one! I finished the program in April, a day before my birthday and was ready to take my teachings/ learnings and put myself out there again! I am happy to say that 3 months after graduating Syma’s program, I met my soulmate & King and we got married the following May. My wedding altar was actually designed directly from one of Syma’s session meditations! I want to thank Syma from the bottom of my heart for all her love, support, and guidance in this transformational life changing journey that helped me become a Goddess and share my life with my beloved King.

Arati healed from divorce and manifested and married her true King!

Arati, California, USA

During my work with Syma my life has continuously transformed. Syma has helped me overcome anxiety and release my deep inner blocks. Her Manifest Soulmate Love program is the reason I was able to manifest and marry my dream man after I was told by a Vedic Priest that I would never marry again! We bought our dream house, travel the world and adopted our fur baby puppy!

Sapna found self-love and soulmate love

Sapna, USA

I did not have the money to pay for Syma’s program upfront, but the universe has its own way of working its magic: I received my tax refund which turned out to be the exact amount for the program! So I invested myself into taking this journey. It was a wonderful experience as it was a commitment of transformation, healing and love for myself. I now have a loving man who loves me unconditionally, and I am truly blessed by this kind and loving universe with the help of my mentor my spiritual guide Syma. If you are feeling guided to work with Syma, trust yourself, trust your intuition, and say yes to investing in your own transformation with her.


Who is this program for?

This offering is aligned for sensitive, soulful women who are ready, willing and able to do the inner and spiritual work with the Goddesses to manifest their Divine Masculine partner from their Divine Feminine.

What happens after I join?

Once you join, you will have instant, lifetime access to the program. To access the program, first, login using the username and password you created at check-out. Then go to My Dashboard and you'll see "Manifest Soulmate Love," click on it to access all the lessons.  

How long is the program?

In Session 1, I guide you on how to best pace yourself depending on what works best for you. Generally, at least 4 days per session, most clients prefer 1 session per week, some like 2 weeks or 21 days per session. It's entirely up to you! The most important part is only moving on to the next session when you feel complete and embodied in the previous session. 

How long is each session?

Each video lesson is between 2 to 3 hours, with the meditations typically being about 30 minutes each. 

Is there private coaching with Syma?

As this is a self-directed online program, all coaching is provided only in the recorded video modules and Q&A session.  

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, email us at and we'll set you up with a PayPal payment link. 

Is there a payment plan?

Because we provide immediate access to the entire program upon purchase, a payment plan option is not available.

Do you offer refunds?

No, payments are non-refundable per our terms of service.  Ensure you are familiar and resonant with my style, and are fully committed to yourself and the program before your join. You can watch my free Love Goddess and Manifest Your King masterclasses to get a feel for my style. You can email us below if you have any questions before joining. 

Have another question? 

Email us at

Inside the Program

  • 1

    Session 1: Sacred Initiation into Soulmate Love

    • Join Our Private Facebook Sisterhood

    • Session 1 Part 1: Welcome and Program Preparation

    • Session 1 Part 2: Sacred Initiation into Soulmate Love

    • Session 1 Meditation Audio download

    • Bonus Love Oracle Reading

    • Bonus Goddess Ritual to Release Blocks and Awaken Your Shakti

  • 2

    Session 2: Align with Your Highest Divine Masculine Match

    • Session 2: Align with Your Highest Divine Masculine Match

    • Session 2 Meditation Audio download

    • Soulmate Love List Ritual Bonus Download

  • 3

    Session 3: Uncover Your Greatest Inner Blocks to Love

    • Session 3: Uncover Your Greatest Inner Blocks to Divine Love

    • Session 3 Meditation Audio download

    • Yoni Clearing Goddess Ritual

  • 4

    Session 4: Heal, Clear & Transmute Your Greatest Love Blocks

    • Session 4: Heal, Clear & Transmute Your Greatest Love Blocks

    • Session 4 Meditation Audio download

    • Bonus Resource: Sacred Music for Releasing Ritual

  • 5

    Session 5: Embody Divine Self-Love to Attract Soulmate Love

    • Session 5: Fully, truly, Embody and Radiate Divine Love

    • Session 5 Meditation Audio download

    • Ahem Prema Mantra

  • 6

    Session 6: Become One with Only the Divine Masculine

    • Session 6: Become one with ONLY the Divine Masculine

    • Session 6 Meditation Audio download

  • 7

    Session 7: Sacred Spiritual Union with Your Beloved

    • Session 7: Sacred Spiritual Union with Your Beloved

    • Session 7 Meditation Audio download

  • 8

    Q&A Session

    • Q&A Session

    • Bonus: Divine Guidance Meditation

  • 9

    Session 8: Be the Divine Feminine Match to Your Divine King

    • Session 8: Be the Divine Feminine Match to Your Divine Masculine King

    • Session 8 Meditation Audio download

    • Final 3-card love reading

    • Bonus Goddess Mantra to Manifest Your Divine Masculine Man

About Syma

Syma Kharal

Syma Kharal is a leading international Goddess coach, healer, and #1 Amazon bestselling author of "Goddess Reclaimed" and "Manifest Soulmate Love." She empowers women to be and have everything they desire, from their feminine, as Goddess Queens. Her Divine Feminine offerings are catalysts for soulful women to transform their blocks, manifest their boldest dreams and flourish in every way. Syma immersed herself in the healing arts at the age of 14 to transform wounds and blocks from her childhood. Her devotion to the Goddess led her to co-create a life she never dreamt possible: leaving a toxic corporate career to create a global feminine business empire, manifesting and marrying her soulmate, becoming pregnant with her miracle baby after infertility, transforming women's lives through her heart's work, and traveling the world with her beloved family, and creating a flourishing life as Mother, Lover, Priestess, and Mentor. She loves nothing more than liberating powerful women to do the same: Reclaim their full feminine power, rise into the Goddesses they truly are, and create lives of overflow, from their Divine Feminine.