Blazing Forward Fearlessly: Awakening Goddess Brigid for Clarity, Courage, and Confidence on Your Path

An Online Women's Circle taught by Syma Kharal

Course description

It's time to burn your fears.

It's time to ignite your life. 

My Beloved,

This is your time to be free of your fears and move forward on your divine path and purpose with crystal clarity and graceful strength.

Your inner Brigid--a Celtic Triple Goddess-- holds the sacred feminine keys to help you transform what no longer serves you and propel you forward on your life mission and soul's calling.

Known by many names -Brigit, Bird, Bigitona, Bride, Brigantia, Saint Brigid and Breco Saighead, Brigid is the sorceress, alchemist, healer, and creatress that illuminates and empowers your path in every way.

She brings you her holy flame to ignite your dreams and light up your life! She will empower you to live your fullest potential and boldly co-create your dreams into divine manifestations.

If you are ready to confidently trust and courageously follow your true path, I invite you to join me and fellow sisters in our video Goddess Circle, in which I:

  • Create a beautiful, sacred and safe space for you to receive Goddess love, support and healing.
  • Share Sacred Feminine teachings inspired by the Celtic Goddess Brigid, to help you live in alignment with your Divine life path and purpose.
  • Lead you through a live Goddess Meditation to help you transmute your fears and ignite your warrior strength.
  • Help you move forward as a powerful Warrioress and Creatress so that you can boldly create the life you desire and deserve!

Bonus Gifts:

  1. A downloadable MP3 recording of the live Guided Meditation (made available after the Circle).
  2. A 3-card oracle reading at the end of our Circle to provide deeper insight into the next steps on your path.
  3. Lifetime access to this course!
  4. Sisterly support through our powerful Facebook group (for Monthly Goddess Circle Members only).

A private session with me with all these offerings starts at $499, but you can receive all this support for $49 - or just $39 as a Monthly Goddess Circles member!

I hope you'll join us to awaken your inner Brigid blaze forward fearlessly, Beloved!

Syma Kharal
Syma Kharal
About Syma

Syma Kharal is an international sacred feminine and spiritual coach, healer, speaker, yoga teacher and #1 Amazon bestselling author. She is dedicated to empowering soulful women heal their deepest wounds, manifest their boldest dreams and flourish in every way.

Syma immersed herself in the healing arts at the age of 14 to overcome the deeply damaging effects of extensive abuse and trauma. In addition to healing herself, her intensive spiritual work led her to co-create a life she never dreamt possible: leaving a toxic corporate career to follow her calling, manifesting and marrying her soulmate, transforming women's lives through her heart's work, and traveling the world with her beloved husband.

She loves nothing more than supporting fellow sisters to do the same—to transcend disempowering patterns, reclaim their full feminine power, and step fully into the Goddesses they truly are.

Receive Syma's free, “Awaken Your Inner Goddesses” guided meditation MP3 at:

Questions? Email is at and one of our lovely assistants will be happy to assist you, Beloved.

Reviews (15)

by Krishna Patel

by helen smythe

Feels good

by Marina Vratar
This course was exactly what I needed and has helped me transform fears. Thank you!
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by Krishna Patel

by helen smythe

Feels good

by Marina Vratar
This course was exactly what I needed and has helped me transform fears. Thank you!

Thank Goddess of Syma 😊🙏

by Doreen Davila
I appreciate this lesson and feel very blessed and grateful for Syma blessing me with this beautiful lesson of the triple goddess Bridget!! Unfortunately I'm not able to afford this Very Affordable offer. I will be joining the goddess tribe as soon as possible!! Just finished the lesson and feel soo amazing and empowered. Much love and gratitude Namaste Doe

Loved the title

by Mirella James
Loved the meditation. Worked for me...the whole experience leaves you feeling hopeful and positive and courageous. Living your truth - all of it - being who you are not something else. Developing a sense of self-love and self-acceptance.

Inspiring and empowering

by Chantelle Lalli
This was my first Goddess circle and it felt so empowering and inspiring. Syma gives out such a great energy and I am grateful to learn how to connect with Brigid from her.

by Edlira Durmishaj


by Rebeca Roman
I enjoyed this experience so much, I grateful for having this oportunity. Much love and light to you all

Wonderful, I feel at peace!

by sabrina s
Thank you for the wonderful class. I enjoyed learning the history of Brigid and everything that she offers us. I love the ritual for Brigid and I can see myself doing it daily when I need to nurture myself. I loved the meditation as well. Thank you for this blessing and bringing Brigid to all of us.

by Lola V

Beautiful grounding and full of love and light

by Danielle BLAIR
I feel refreshed , renewed, and yes, on fire :). Syma has an embracing energy that takes no shit, a balance that has been hard to find in my life but seems to sleeping on much more easily now. Thank you:)

Thank you soon much!

by Angelia Santiago
After every circle, I feel so empowered and loved!! Words cannot begin to describe my gratitude! With so much love! Angelia <3

by Ruth Faciane

Profoundly Beautiful and Sacred Experience.

by Claritza Pena
I truly enjoyed this course! By having access to the recording, I personally divided the course into sections (clarity) (courage) and (confidence) while also taking the time and energy to the "work". For me many things became clear as to why they took place in my life... Thank you kindly Syma,

Beautiful, inspiring and the perfect way to start the new year.

by Beth Jones
This is just what I, and I'm sure many if not most women, need right now...a means to connect with and live in feminine energy. This course to stoke the fires of confidence and face and release fear is perfect for the new year. Thank you, Syma, for providing this 'water in the desert.'