Goddess Circles Bundle

Awaken Your Divine Feminine power with 68 Goddesses

Beloved Sister,

After leading monthly online Goddess circles since 2016, I am delighted to offer you this very special bundle in which you get ALL the circles from 5 years at 50% off pricing!

Each recorded video circle features one specific Goddess and focuses on awakening her Divine Feminine energy in a specific area of your life.

In each circle, I lead you through: 

  • Sacred Ceremony: Create a sacred space for you to honor this temple time for yourself, and open fully to receiving the Goddess's love, support, and healing.

  • Divine Feminine Teachings: Share Divine Feminine teachings of that particular Goddess to awaken her wisdom, power and gifts within you.

  • Goddess Meditation: Lead you through a channeled, guided Goddess meditation for you to experience her directly, and unleash her special gifts and blessings in your life. 

  • Oracle Reading: Bonus: Do a 3-card oracle reading to help you get deeper insights on the wave of your past, the blessing in your present and potential of your future.

This offering brings you Goddesses from all times and cultures to deepen your connection with the Divine Feminine in her many forms...

As Maiden, Mother, Crone. 

As Loveress, Warrioress, Priestess.

As Creatress, Transformeress, Sorceress.

Awaken her gifts of abundance, love, pleasure, courage, magic, healing, manifesting, magic, wisdom and so much more.

With lifetime access to all 68 circles, you get to lead yourself and awaken the power of these Goddesses at your own pace.

You can design your journey with the cycles of the moon, watching them at the new, full and waning moon.

You can choose specific ones at holy and power days: solstices, equinox, eclipses. 

You can choose the one you most need to support you with a particular desire or challenge in your life. 

There is no set way...just your way. The way of your heart, intuition and flow.

You get to lead yourself through your own journey with these beautiful, powerful, magical Goddesses who are ready to bless you with their divine love, guidance and gifts. 

And because this is a very special bundle, you get to save 50%!

Regular price (when buying circles separately): $3333

Special Bundle Pricing: $1666

Get instant, lifetime access to all the included circles as soon as you buy!

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